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Direct Development Training was founded on the principle that there is more than one way to train. We are a team of instructors with a wide variety of personalities, ages and backgrounds. All of us view what we do as working together with people and enthusiastically interacting with others. Experience has shown that this benefits individuals and businesses we partner with, as well as ourselves.

Who: The owner and founder, Craig Krause, grew up readily able to have relaxing conversations with people of all ages and walks of life. He quickly became successful in professional development because of being both teachable and engaging. Craig’s qualities have drawn like-minded individuals to share his company’s vision; and those same people now encompass a solid team at Direct Development Training.

Why: When Craig saw the need for companies and organizations to have access to training programs that were specific to their needs, he created a company that made these attainable and accessible. When he founded Direct Development Training, he collaborated with select instructors and inside partners from across the country. This has provided clients access to a wealth of resources, abundant strengths and vast experiences.

How: Our training programs, tailored workshops, personal coaching and keynote addresses have evolved and multiplied to focus on and meet the unique needs of the diversity of our ever growing client base. Our entire team is excited to see the benefits our professional development training brings to all involved.

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