Non-Profit Organizations

Direct Development Training and its associates live in the communities they serve. Because of that, we are very interested in giving back to the residents within, and we are very passionate about the training we offer.

Outside of the business world, we also spend time teaching students to learn memory techniques for school activities, along with “real life” applications, such as first impressions and communication skills. For those who don’t feel they fit into one of the above categories, we invite them to attend our training to simply improve their personal life, goals, and habits. The beauty of our training is that it is focused on the individuals themselves – not just the company, school, or organization.

Because the training received is so far-reaching, we have had the privilege to work with numerous non-profit organizations, and helped them, too, thrive like never before. In keeping in line with our goals of helping those with special needs, Direct Development Training has worked with non-profit organizations, to reach ones who otherwise would be hard-pressed to attend our workshops for economic or other reasons.

Workshop for Boys & Girls Country​