Guided personal development, helping individuals, students, and companies in 9 different countries to thrive.


Working with local companies and individuals is truly an honor, but even home-grown businesses such as our own can lend a hand far beyond local borders. We currently partner with clients and offer training in 9 different countries and counting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tailor-made training that helps Individuals, Businesses, Schools, and Organizations thrive like never before.

Our programs aren’t just beneficial, they’re downright fun.


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  • To my fellow Team Leaders: I just attended Craig Krause's Memory Training and paid for my staff to attend. Wow, we were blown away with how quickly we got results. Within the first few hours you will be able to recall 40 items back and forth even if you think you have a horrible memory. I strongly recommend this short training seminar.

    Michael Bossart
    Michael Bossart Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty-Memorial
  • Craig Krause may well be the perfect instructor. He uses pertinent examples, humor and enthusiasm to get and keep audiences involved and learning. Perhaps more importantly, he continues to engage after the fact with follow ups that reinforce that learning. Time spent in a presentation with him is time well invested.

    Ginger S. Baldwin
    Ginger S. Baldwin G S Baldwin ArtSpace
  • I'm still amazed with this. I no longer need to make a written list. I've given one presentation and several meetings and never missed a beat!

    James R. Taylor
    James R. Taylor Relocation Specialist/USAA Certified Realtor
  • Thank you very much for mentoring me and allowing me to attend your class in Corpus Christi. I really enjoyed learning something new from that wonderful experience. After I attended your seminar, my grades began to improve drastically after the first few weeks... I was the only student to get a perfect one hundred on the test out of thirty one students. I look forward to continue using the skill that you have taught me. Thank you for your time and lessons.

    Cristina C. from Corpus Christi, TX
    Cristina C. from Corpus Christi, TX
  • I have to say the greatest gift of the seminar was to give me full access to mental abilities that I always had but didn't realize I had. The confidence I have in my ability to learn and remember anything has dramatically changed my life and my career.

    Amy Jacobellis
    Amy Jacobellis From Beaumont, TX
  • We definitely got MORE than I was expecting from a 'memory class'. The practical success tips and information you wove throughout the course were not only pragmatic and palatable, but of course very MEMORABLE. I left the class feeling energized, equipped and inspired! I would highly recommend your company!!!

    Trina Witte
    Trina Witte Co-Owner, Elevated Roofing
  • Gary has given me focus and order that has reshaped the way I operate my business as well as my life. Since working with Gary, my real estate sales volume has doubled in one of the toughest markets I've ever seen!

    John Mikesh
    John Mikesh RE/MAX Executive Realty