Resorts & Hotels

Whether you or your staff have a wealth of expertise, are new to the industry, or are anywhere in-between, remember everyone is a walking billboard for your resort., Those at the front desk, housekeepers, servers, grounds-keepers, managers, all have an impact on your resort and ratings.

Your location may be the reason why your guests are with you, but how they feel during their stay will determine whether they return, and if anyone else they know becomes your guest, as well.

Skills, such as remembering names, determining priorities, first impressions, internal harmony and staff management, are just some of the topics that are interactively taught.

In the Caribbean, we do ongoing training for Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club in Grenada, chosen by Sunday Times Travel Magazine as a top 100 resort hotel in the world. We enjoyed training all the staff at Petite Anse Hotel in Grenada, as well as teaching workshops on the Gulf Coast of Texas for CCMS, Inc. (, which manages over 800 condos in 15 resorts.

"After attending the Achievement Now Workshop my career has greatly improved. Craig was a thorough and concise trainer, modifying the course to fit our individual needs to maximize growth and achievement potential. I would highly recommend any of his courses he offers as he takes into account what best pertains to your situation and keeps it interesting. You will learn a lot about yourself and what you need to do to make positive changes in your life!"
"I would highly recommend Direct Development Training to any organization that requires fast, direct and intelligent results. Craig and Hannah deliver specific training techniques created for today’s business environment in an interactive atmosphere that our staff responded to instantly. From my first contact with Amy setting up the program to the very last impression, the Direct Development Training team are leaders in their filed. Our relationship with them will continue as we are committed to up-skilling our staff and preparing them for today’s challenging and ever changing environment. Thank you Direct Development Training for all you have given us."
Mark Kitchen
"With her very first words, Hannah was able to capture the attention of our Sales Professionals. More importantly, by using the very skills that she is there to promote, she was able to keep their attention. In our competitive field, the lessons taught by Hannah and Direct Development Training, help our sales professionals: grow in their confidence, become better presenters, and spend the ability to spend more time connecting with clients as opposed to trying to figure out what to say or do next. In a few short hours, our professionals unlocked hidden potential that had all of us walking and talking out the door as passionately about DDT as Hannah did walking in. "
Jean Morency
Perry Homes Sales Trainer
"I completed Craig’s memory workshop as a college student, and continue today to utilize the skills I learned. I have been complemented numerous times in my professional career and my personal life on my ability to remember people’s names, give presentations without needing note cards, and recall dates. His engaging personality and ability to connect with his students makes this investment in oneself an enjoyable one."
Melissa Bochat
Entergy Services Inc.
Houston, TX
"I have to say the greatest gift of the seminar was to give me full access to mental abilities that I always had but didn't realize I had. The confidence I have in my ability to learn and remember anything has dramatically changed my life and my career."
Amy Jacobellis
Beaumont, TX
"YOU WERE AWESOME! We are all still talking about the training! I have to tell you as an instructor myself, I find it hard to focus sometimes in classes, and you kept that entire room engaged the whole day! It was outstanding. I have taken many, many, many classes in my real estate career, and this was by far the BEST class I have ever taken. Thank you again for a great day! Gayle Edleman is the Agent Services Mentor Coldwell Banker United, the #1 Coldwell Banker franchise in the world."
Gayle Edleman
Agent Services Mentor, Coldwell Banker United