Some kind comments from our wonderful clients:

  • Hi Craig,I just wanted to let you know that I think I've figured out what I want to do when I grow up. You really messed with my head, but it forced me to think and grow.Thanks so much for the guidance!

    Angela White
  • It was so nice to finally meet you in person!  We all had a blast yesterday.  I know the agents had a great time.  I don’t believe I’ve ever been to a Team Meeting that someone held their interest throughout the whole presentation and had them laughing.  You are such a dynamic speaker!

    Janise J. Jones Director of Career Development & Training
  • I practiced with the name journal last night at our volunteer training.  It was the first time in the 9 plus training groups we have had that I remembered everyone’s name (23 people this class)!

    Darbi Glassburn Wichita Falls, TX
  • The following is a Quote from 'Visionz' -  The Schertz Chamber of Commerce Newsletter."Yesterday, myself and 13 other chamber members attended a memory workshop seminar for the purpose of learning how to improve our memory. However, the education we received was so much more. For six hours, participating Members, most who only knew each other in passing, began a more knowing relationship, learned a little about each other's businesses, laughed and were educated together.We also learned how to be better business persons, how to be more relational and found out that one of the most important things you can do to create a more successful business is to continue your training as a business person. Whether that is reading the latest leadership books, attending seminars or going to events - you can never stop learning or be at a point in business where you have learned enough. At the beginning of this class, 20 items were recited for us to memorize, in order. At best, most of us could probably remember 5 or 6. In the next 10 minutes that followed, we knew them backwards and forward. By the end of the day, we knew over 60. The point of this class was not just to show the importance of recall ,but that if our memory is perfect, it's the attention we put into the moment of meeting and starting a new business relationship.It is not only important in business to be a good communicator but equally, if not more important, to be a good listener. Listening requires attention, putting distractions to the side and focusing on the moment itself. Do YOU as a business owner, leader, or employee invest the minimal time it takes to really focus on an introduction, meeting or moment - that period of time that could be the beginning of a long term client, relation-ship or other? In today's competitive climate, each business needs to be able to stand apart from it's rival - to either provide above and beyond the normal service or provide an aspect of that service that others may not. Remembering your client's name, a little of their life detail or even something about the job THEY do, requires a very small investment of time, but that investment will create a relationship that breeds loyalty. Loyalty produces continued service, and continued service, continued income.Can you afford to spend the time?"

    Maggie Titterington, IOM The Chamber (Schertz-Cibolo-Selma Area) of Commerce
  • We definitely got MORE than I was expecting from a 'memory class'. The practical success tips and information you wove throughout the course were not only pragmatic and palatable, but of course very MEMORABLE. I left the class feeling energized, equipped and inspired! I would highly recommend your company!!!

    Trina Witte
    Trina Witte Co-Owner, Elevated Roofing
  • Thank you very much for mentoring me and allowing me to attend your class in Corpus Christi. I really enjoyed learning something new from that wonderful experience. After I attended your seminar, my grades began to improve drastically after the first few weeks... I was the only student to get a perfect one hundred on the test out of thirty one students. I look forward to continue using the skill that you have taught me. Thank you for your time and lessons.

    Cristina C. from Corpus Christi, TX
    Cristina C. from Corpus Christi, TX
  • To my fellow Team Leaders: I just attended Craig Krause's Memory Training and paid for my staff to attend. Wow, we were blown away with how quickly we got results. Within the first few hours you will be able to recall 40 items back and forth even if you think you have a horrible memory. I strongly recommend this short training seminar.

    Michael Bossart
    Michael Bossart Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty-Memorial
  • Craig Krause may well be the perfect instructor. He uses pertinent examples, humor and enthusiasm to get and keep audiences involved and learning. Perhaps more importantly, he continues to engage after the fact with follow ups that reinforce that learning. Time spent in a presentation with him is time well invested.

    Ginger S. Baldwin
    Ginger S. Baldwin G S Baldwin ArtSpace
  • The biggest thing for me is having a To Do or Grocery or Errand List and not using any paper! I'm a writer, and so a list-maker by nature and I wasn't sure if I'd like this. I find that I love not having to write the list, keep the list with me, dig for it in my purse, or simply remember to read it. It's great, I love the system it sure works!

    Kim Robinson
    Kim Robinson SureTec
  • I'm still amazed with this. I no longer need to make a written list. I've given one presentation and several meetings and never missed a beat!

    James R. Taylor
    James R. Taylor Relocation Specialist/USAA Certified Realtor
  • This workshop not only taught me skills I will carry with me forever, but it was so much fun I didn't want it to end! By far the best training I have been to! I'm a college student and recently had to memorize the 1st amendment for a test. By implementing the systems Craig taught me, I remembered every word of it and can still recite it to you to today. The things you do in the workshop may seem silly, but they work-I'm proof!

    Megan Helmstetler
    Megan Helmstetler Director of First Impressions at Keller Williams Realt
  • Craig hosted a professional development event for my organization. Craig's presentation was by far, the most entertaining and talked about professional event we have ever had. He is an extremely unique presenter in that he is able to entertain and engage an audience for hours, but even more impressive is his ability to teach and explain topics in clear and still exciting and applicable method. The skills that Craig teaches have impacted and improved several different aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. I use the lessons of Craigs workshops multiple times a day, and am still amazed at how amazingly well his skills work in several different parts of my daily life. Craig Krause is the most life changing and skillful teacher I have ever been lucky enough to learn from. It is blatantly obvious that Craig cares about his students and their learning and I can't recommend a more life changing, effective or caring teacher.

    Corey Walter
    Corey Walter Mays Business School, Delta Sigma PiAmerican Management Associations Operation Enterprise Program
  • In what I do as a funeral director and dealing with multiple family members throughout the course of their events, it is extremely crucial to remember names. This helps each family member to feel as important as everyone else. The real benefit comes in weeks and months after the funerals when I run into these people at the gas station or grocery store. When I am able to recall their names almost immediately, it truly makes them feel special and shows them that I cared enough to get to know "them" as well as the other members of their family.

    Steve Hundley
    Steve Hundley Director of Funeral Service Operations at Morris Funeral Home, Asheville, NC
  • Gary has given me focus and order that has reshaped the way I operate my business as well as my life. Since working with Gary, my real estate sales volume has doubled in one of the toughest markets I've ever seen!

    John Mikesh
    John Mikesh RE/MAX Executive Realty
  • YOU WERE AWESOME! We are all still talking about the training! I have to tell you as an instructor myself, I find it hard to focus sometimes in classes, and you kept that entire room engaged the whole day! It was outstanding. I have taken many, many, many classes in my real estate career, and this was by far the BEST class I have ever taken. Thank you again for a great day!Gayle Edleman is the Agent Services Mentor Coldwell Banker United, the #1 Coldwell Banker franchise in the world.

    Gayle Edleman
    Gayle Edleman Agent Services Mentor Coldwell Banker United
  • I have to say the greatest gift of the seminar was to give me full access to mental abilities that I always had but didn't realize I had. The confidence I have in my ability to learn and remember anything has dramatically changed my life and my career.

    Amy Jacobellis
    Amy Jacobellis From Beaumont, TX
  • I completed Craig’s memory workshop as a college student, and continue today to utilize the skills I learned. I have been complemented numerous times in my professional career and my personal life on my ability to remember people’s names, give presentations without needing note cards, and recall dates. His engaging personality and ability to connect with his students makes this investment in oneself an enjoyable one.

    Melissa Bochat
    Melissa Bochat Entergy Services Inc. in Houston, TX