A message from Craig Krause, Owner and Instructor of Direct Development Training.

Direct Development Training and its associates live in the communities they serve.  Because of that, they are very interested in giving back to the residents within.

We feel very strongly about the training we offer.  It is designed for business people to improve themselves and their performance.  With our In-House training, companies enjoy learning skills specific to what they need.  We also teach students to learn memory techniques for school activities, along with “real life” applications, such as First Impressions and communication skills.

Workshop for Boys & Girls Club

Workshop for Boys & Girls Country

All the above are available to anyone who enrolls or contracts with us.

In keeping in line with our goals of helping those with special needs, Direct Development Training has worked with non-profit organizations, to reach ones who otherwise would be hard-pressed to attend our workshops.

If you are involved with a non-profit or special needs group and would like to discuss how our training could be brought to them, we would love to talk to you!

Go to the “Contact Us” page.  Either call us or send us an email with your name, the organization and how you are involved with it.

We would enjoy the opportunity to work along with you!

Craig A. Krause