Mastering Your Memory__

Mastering Your Memory

Part of our Pinnacle Performance Skills Mastery Series

Talking to a client, and suddenly you realize… you have no idea what their name is…

Presenting in front of an audience, big or small, and your mind goes completely blank on what your next point is…

Fumbling over data or product information, turning a professional conversation into an awkward juggling of filler-words and backtracking…

We’ve all been there before.

Your career demands that you handle large volumes of information. Learn how a well-trained memory will enhance how you do business and connect with clients by teaching you techniques to:

  • Recall names of clients and prospects
  • Lead meetings or give presentations without using written notes
  • Increase your overall memory skills
  • Recall forward and backwards lists of useful information

Everything in this workshop is designed to enhance both your business and your personal life. The Workshop is fun, relevant, and interactive.  You will be laughing, engaged, and surprised – all while doing things you never thought you could do!

During this fast-paced workshop, you will learn the techniques, and most importantly, the applications of the skills. Taught by an experienced instructor, Direct Development Training delivers over 100 live workshops per year! We firmly believe what you will experience is like no other training you have ever received!


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