The phrase 'comfort zones' usually comes with a negative connotation. We apply it to doing the same things for years leading to mediocre success.

However, comfort zones can be a positive part of human nature. The reason is that they define what type of business person we are. A comfort zone includes your reaction to situations, the unique way that you, and only you, treat your clients, and the attitude that you exude in the workplace. It is uniquely your own, completely honest. If you can work within these, you can treat business relationships as friends and close associates.

Our comfort zones become a negative when we let them make us stagnant. The truth of the matter is that success and growth come from stretching without tearing, pushing ourselves further and higher, while still staying true to ourselves and our personalities. To put it simply, you don't have to reinvent yourself or break the barriers of your comfort zone. Rather, make minor adjustments that move you forward, yet still in alignment with the truth of your individuality.

We are many times encouraged to look at the most successful person in our company or industry and pattern ourselves after them. That is great advice. Just remember to follow their habits, don't try to be them. People can sense insincerity, and more so, they can sense discomfort. All the habits and skill in the world cannot compensate for those feelings.

Embrace your comfort zone, flex it with constant improvements, but don't break it.