Gary Castellano

Gary Castellano’s insight that developing communication skills could help him overcome his deep-seated shyness struck him at an early age. He has been earning accolades as a salesman and trainer since he began selling newspaper subscriptions at age nine. As a teen, his results were so impressive that he was asked to train other teens. In the meantime, Gary was winning state awards in public speaking.

Drawing on personal stories from his long career in sales, marketing, and training, he has instructed thousands of professionals and individuals from many backgrounds. Leading corporations, such as John Hancock, IBM, Coldwell Banker, Xerox, General Motors and Ford, have benefited from Gary’s unique style and methods.

Gary’s brings expertise in memory skills, personal growth programs and sales training, in combination with his wide range of experience in the field of communication. All of this adds authority and enthusiasm to Direct Development Training’s group of instructors. He derives joy in serving as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. You will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from your time spent with Gary.

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