One awesome team, coast to coast.

Craig Krause

Craig Krause is the Owner and Founder of Direct Development Training. Responsible for the training programs and growth of the company, he has aligned himself with

Hannah Tullous

Enthusiastic. Motivated. Outgoing.  Those words describe Hannah Tullous perfectly. Being raised in the training arena, she learned quickly that ‘seeing’ what you want and pursuing it is

Amy Krause

Amy is perfect for her chosen role in business and life. Whether helping clients, preparing documents and training materials, or in the arena of dealing

Gary Castellano

Gary Castellano’s insight that developing communication skills could help him overcome his deep-seated shyness struck him at an early age. He has been earning accolades as

Austin Tompkins

Austin Tompkins embodies everything Direct Development Training is about.  From an early age, he was eager to help other people.  While he could have just