Victoria Martinez

Victoria is a perfect example as to what Direct Development Training believes in. Achieving work goals while keeping her commitment to her personal goals.

She was sought out for the position she holds within this company. Her outgoing, yet warm, personality will draw you in. The achievement of the many goals Victoria has set for herself is another side of her.

Victoria was an excellent student, as proven by her early graduation and awards earned. Being bilingual allows her to reach out and help many others in her community.

Loving to travel, she plans on several trips a year, keeping up with the company’s standards of a balanced life. Since Victoria comes from a close and large family, many times she makes her way to visit them for extended periods.

When she wants to relax, the beach is most likely her destination. The Dominican Republic was once her home for 6 weeks, exploring the country and learning about their culture.

We know this to be true of Victoria: she is a very happy person. While in the medical field, her role was patient care. Combining her personal desires, her contributing to the community, and her commitment to making people better themselves, results in her being a welcomed addition to Direct Development Training.

When you work with her, you will learn that about Victoria, as well!

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