Alan Thomas


The student becomes the teacher. Sounds easy to excel at – it is not. Alan Thomas’ journey proved just that. He was a partner in a successful fine men’s clothing business, built a massive multi-level marketing business and created a prospering insurance business. However, becoming discontent with the walls of retail, he longed for a change.

Alan was asked, “What do you think is holding you back from reaching your next level of success?” Alan answered, “My weight”. March 2, 2017, he weighed 304 pounds. Anyone in the world could see what can be accomplished as Alan posted his progress on social media. Today, Alan is healthier and much happier!

In January of 2019 Alan reached out to Gary Castellano, who partners with Direct Development Training. Alan had taken a memory workshop from Gary in 1994, and he loved what he had learned. The rest, well, you know what they say, is history.

Whatever desire you have, but have not yet acted upon, can be accomplished. However, you must start with a desire and belief in yourself. Alan will help you with your journey from procrastination to transformation with the skills he uses himself!

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